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With our fleet trucks, we satisfy around 70% of our bulk deliveries. Today, we also able to serve all kinds of customers from individual housing projects to power plants and large sized projects. 

Technical service: 
Our fully qualified technicians can offer expert support and answer any question or concern regarding Mix-Design formulation, concrete batch testing and on-site testing, and technical support testing. 

Customer services:
Our top priority is customer satisfaction. We believe that only by earning the trust of our customers will we be able to help them build what they envision, whether it’s a family house, or a large scale infrastructure. We also guarantee our fast delivery and response to customers’ urgent needs. Our aim is to help our clients achieve their goals more efficiently and effectively. So we tailor our initiatives to suit our customers' needs. 

Customized Products: 
We tailor our ready-mix concrete to fit our clients' specific needs. By changing the proportion of water, aggregates, and cement in the mix, we modify our concrete's resistance, manageability, and finish. We also use additives to customize our concrete in accordance with the transportation time from our plant to the project, weather conditions at the construction site, and the project's specifications. From our high-performance to our fluid-fill concrete, we produce a great variety of specially designed concrete to meet the many challenges of modern construction. 

Comprehensive services: 
Ready-mix concrete is an integral channel for our cement and aggregates. So we have designed and deployed advanced customer-service initiatives to reinforce this important part of the value chain. 
Our comprehensive ready-mix platform encompasses all of the elements of the ready-mix business —from raw-material consumption to concrete production and delivery. This platform determines the right mix of concrete in response to a customer's individual specifications, enabling us to ensure consistent product quality, less waste, and greater client savings. It also programs our customer deliveries more efficiently and optimizes our ready-mix production and distribution networks. 


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